Bonded warehouse

We redefined the industry standard at a national level with a service 100% focused on customer satisfaction
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Bounded Warehouse

We defined the industry standard at a national level with a service 100% focused on customer satisfaction
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• We provide loading and unloading services of foreign trade goods in customs at Queretaro Intercontinental Airport
• We currently serve the three most important shipping companies in the world, e-commerce companies, cargo airlines and charter flights
• Palletizing and packaging services of foreign trade goods
• Real estate infrastructure development for foreign trade activities
• Co-working, offices and warehouse spaces available
• We developed a personalized Web solution to manage all data related to Bonded Warehouse Operation and compliance with current Customs Regulations
• Taking advantage of data related to Bonded Warehouse System we offer updated reports for the regulations compliance associated to Law 2.3.8
• Dedicated internet link for the compliance of Customs regulation 2.3.8, related to the access from authority to data of the bonded warehouse management system (CDI) and Entry Document info query (CRP)
• To provide management advice and paperwork about customs
• To offer consultancy on management, operation, planning and development of Bonded Warehouses
• We offer services of labelling goods for the fulfillment of the “Norma Oficial Mexicana” (NOM)

Our infrastructure

International Airport of Queretaro

• 4D Level, authorized to receive B747-8 and A380-800
• 688.49 Ha total area
• 4 Positions in Cargo Platform
• Jet Fuel Capacity 818,000 Lt
• SEI 6 Category

Runway Specifications: 

a) 3,500m x 45 m Landing Distance

b) 93 of PCN, plus 7.5 m margins of hydraulic concrete on its sides with a thickness of 20 cm

c) Coordinates 20º37´02.56276” N and 100º 11”08.49871” W with an altitud of 1,909 mSNMM

d) 1,909 AMSL Aerodrome Elevation

e) 43 cm Hydraulic Concrete Runway

Bonded Warehouse

• 9,102 m² Warehouse space

• 938 m² Office space

• 21 m Distance between Bonded Warehouse and AIQ Platform

• 4,000 m² Parking space

• 22 Ramps Cross-dock

• Service available 24 hrs., 365 days of the year


Operative Area
• 2 Scales with capacity of 9 TON each
• 2 Scales with capacity of 2 TON each
• 1 Scale with capacity of 15 TON
• 1 Scale with capacity of 10 TON (inside the refrigeration chamber)
• 8 Lift truck with capacity of 3 TON each
• 2 Lift truck with capacity of 2.2 TON each
• 1 Lift truck with capacity of 9 TON
• 4 Electric trailers with towing capacity up to 9,000 lb. each

Security Area
• CCTV System with more than 80 cameras
• 256 cameras in the Warehouse
• Rapiscan 638 XR X-Ray System
• Rapiscan 638 DV X-Ray System
• 3 Rapiscan 618 XR X-Ray System Machines
• 5 Walk-Through Metal Detectors
• Explosive Trace Detection System (ETD) (QS-B220-001)

Customs Infrastructure

• 2,025 m² Customs Offices

• 577 m² Platform for Customs Inspection

• 15,630 m² Customs lane

• 3 Positions for Import Customs Inspection

• 2 Positions for Export Customs Inspection

Commercial Building

• Offices of 53 m²

• Offices of 47 m²

• Water, Drain and Electricity Services

Why choose us?

Strategic location

Queretaro's Intercontinental Airport is the third most important airport in terms of cargo movement in the country, reaching a potential market of 45 million consumers within a 350 km radius.

The Aerospace complex

Queretaro’s Aerospace Park is the first cluster of the sector in Mexico. The complex brings together several companies dedicated to the highly competitive development of the industry.


The geographic position of the state allows it to efficiently connect with the northern border and with four of the most important seaports of the country.

Aerospace industry in Queretaro

Queretaro is an international benchmark for the aerospace industry, with the presence of aerospace organizations, manufacturing and special process companies, research and design centers, and educational institutions.

Automotive industry in Queretaro

The Bajío region has established itself as a leader in the development of the country's automotive industry. Queretaro is home to more than 300 companies in the sector, including manufacturers, design and research centers, and a distribution center.

Home appliances industry in Queretaro

Querétaro is one of the four main domestic appliance producers in Mexico, with an integrated production chain in the manufacture of equipment and motors.

IT industry in Queretaro

The information technology cluster, made up of approximately 120 companies in the sector, has positioned the state as one of the main digital platforms in the country.

Area of logistics influence

Queretaro's logistics influence zone extends to the most important industrial sites in Mexico.

Industrial parks in Queretaro

The industrial overview in Queretaro, made up of local, national and international companies, is concentrated in industrial parks that generate development, infrastructure and employment.

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