Privacy Notice

A. Privacy Declaration

In accordance to Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares  --the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Entities -- (from here on referred as The Law), Terminal Logistics, and its different business entities (from here on referred as The Responsible Part) makes the following Privacy Notice available. In accordance to this notice The Responsible Part will seek to provide a legitimate, informed, and controlled treatment of your Personal Data and/or Sensitive Personal Data (hereon referred as The Data) to guarantee the privacy and informative self-determination of your Data.The Responsible Part appoints, for any effects or inquiries regarding the present notice the following address: Recinto Fiscalizado Términal Logistics, Carretera Estatal 200 Querétaro-Tequisquiapan, #22500. Colón, Querétaro. Postal Code: 76270. The Responsible Part shall act as guarantor of the Data obtained from any physical person (from here on referred as the Holder).

B. Holder Personal Data and Purposes

The Responsible Part expressly acknowledges the treatment of Personal Data as well as Personal Sensitive Data from employees, collaborators, visitors to the facilities, service providers, applicants to job positions and suppliers; be it in written form or through electronic tools, devices or any other technology. The reception of said Data may happen in any of the following forms: 1) When the Holder provides the Data personally or directly. 2) When they are provided by a third party other than the Holder. 3) When the Holder makes use of any website or online service provided by the Responsible Part and/or 4) When they are obtained by the Responsible Part from sources regulated by the Law.The Personal Data and Personal Sensitive Data treated by the Responsible Part are: Clave del Registro Federal de Causantes, Clave Única del Registro de Población, date and place of birth, health state, address, telephone number, fiscal address, photographs, identifications, images (in video form), banking and financial information, business of affiliation, e-mail address. As well as necessary information to offer and provide our services, to allow the entrance of visitors to our facilities, to create a physical or electronic file, in accordance to the applicable regulations, and those necessary to celebrate contracts, agreements and accords and any other similar or related action that the Responsible Part considers necessary for the development of the social objective and the performed activities.The collecting, use, sharing and storage of the Data as well as any other action of access, managing, utilisation or transference performed by the Responsible Part shall answer to the following purposes: i) service providing or Holder identification, ii) Update of Data, iii) File consolidation, iv) communication of information related to the activities performed and services provided by the Responsible Part, v)recruitment of the Holder, vi) obtaining fiscal, banking and financial information, vii)establishing physical and logistic measures of security in the facilities of the Responsible Part, viii) celebrating contracts, agreements and accords, ix) Advertising campaigns regarding the services provided by the Responsible Part, as well as to obtain resources through donations; as well as any other similar or related action necessary for the performance of scholar, academic, commercial, patrimonial and corporal activities by the Responsible Part, including sharing information with institutions and authorities that so require.The Responsible Part informs that any graphical material such as: photographs, multimedia content, reviews, biographical sketches, videos and recordings of events or institutional activities in which the Holder, employees, collaborators, visitors to the facilities, service providers, applicants to job positions and suppliers participate may appear or be available in memos, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, ads, advertising and diffusion campaigns, memorabilia, year books, social media, e-mails, websites or official profiles or any other material known or to be known, without this meaning that the Holder shall receive any compensation (economic or academic), thus renouncing hereby to collecting any fee for the use of the Holder’s image.

C. Options and Means that the Responsible Part offers to the Holder to limit the use or diffusion of the Data.

In order to limit the use or diffusion of your Data we place under your consideration the following options: a) Your registration in the Registro Público para Evitar Publicidad (Public Registry to Avoid Publicity) which is administrated by the Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (PROFECO) which has the goal of avoiding your Data to be used to receive publicity or advertisements from businesses that offer goods and services. For further information regarding this registry you may visit PROFECO’s website. b) Your registration in the exclusion listing kept by the Responsible Part in order to avoid the treatment of your Personal Data for marketing, advertising or commercial prospective purposes from our behalf. If you should choose this alternative you will be required to present a written request to the address established in section A. The requisites to credit your identity as well as the procedure to attend to your request will follow the criteria contained in section D. In case your request is deemed applicable you will be registered by the Responsible Part in the exclusion listing.

D. Rights of the Personal Data Holder

You, or in its case a properly credited legal representative may exercise the access, rectification, cancelation, and opposition rights regulated by the Law

The written request must be sent to the address established in section A of this document; it must contain the following:

The name of the Holder and a valid e-mail address where the Holder can receive the answer to the request;The documents that give faith of the Holders identity or in, in its case, that documents that credit the personality and faculty of the legal representative through an attorney letter signed by the Holder and two witnesses, accompanied by copies of their identificationsA clear and precise description of the Data upon which the Holder seeks to exercise the previously mentioned rights, andThe elements or documents that facilitate the localization of the Data. Only when the requisites referred in the previous numeral are fulfilled, the Responsible Part shall provide a resolution to the inquiry in attention to the exercise of the rights referred in the Law.

In the case of rectification requests the Holder must indicate, in addition to the previously mentioned, the requested modifications, the Holder must also provide the necessary documents to sustain the request.

The Responsible Part must provide communication of the implemented resolution to the Holder in a space of up to five business days beginning on the day of the reception of the access, rectification, cancelation, or opposition request. This in order to apply said resolution in the following ten business days beginning on the day of the resolution’s communication. In the case of access requests, the Data shall be submitted only after the identity of the Holder or the legal representative are credited accordingly.

The time periods stablished in the previous numeral may be extended to an equal period on one single occasion at the discretion of the Responsible Part.

The request to access information will be completed when they are made available to the Holder, or by the issuing of simple copies, electronic documents, or any other medium that the Responsible Part considers appropriate.

The Responsible Part may deny the access, rectification, cancelation, or opposition request in any of the following cases:

When the requester is not the Data Holder or in the case that the legal representative is not properly accredited to perform such requestWhen the Holder does not find the requested Data on the databaseWhen such request constitutes a damage to the rights of a third partyWhen a legal impediment or resolution from a competent authority that restricts the access to the requested Data forbids the access, rectification, cancelation, or opposition to said Data, andWhen the access, rectification, cancelation or opposition had been previously fulfilled

The denial previously mentioned may be partial, in which case the Responsible Part will fulfil the access, rectification, cancelation, or opposition request.

In any of the previously mentioned cases, the Responsible Part must inform the Holder, or, given the case, to the legal representative, of the reasons behind the resolution in the previously stablished periods of time, via e-mail and with the necessary elements included.

The submission of the requested Data must be free of cost, the Holder must only cover the expenses of shipping and reproduction in simple copies or any other format. Nevertheless, if the same person restates the request in a period minor to twelve months, the costs shall not be superior to fifteen days of the general standing minimum wage (Salario Mínimo General Vigente).
‍E. Changes to this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice may be modified occasionally in accordance to the discretion of the Responsible Part

If any significant changes are applied to this Privacy Notice the new version shall be available in the address established in section A.
F. Jurisdiction
With exception to what has been clearly stated in this document, the collected information does not constitute a job offering or recruitment statement.

The Responsible Part establishes the address detailed in section A of this document or any other designated at a later time for the effects of the present Privacy Notice,

For the interpretation and compliance of this document the Holder submits expressly submits to the jurisdiction of the competent Laws and Tribunals of Mexico City, renouncing to any other jurisdiction that could, for any reason, be considered competent
G. Online E-mail communication

All and any unprotected e-mail communications may be subject to interception, loss, and other possible alterations. Nor you, nor anyone may claim responsibility for any damage provoked by interception, loss, or other possible alteration to an e-mail message sent by you to the Responsible Part or sent by the Responsible Part to you.